Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turdblossom's Demise

An article just a few days before the election said: 
Karl Rove-Backed Groups Are Largest Single Outside Force In 2012 Election 
The independent group American Crossroads, a super PAC, and Crossroads GPS, a social welfare non-profit, set a goal to raise and spend $300 million on the 2012 election. When all is said and done on Nov. 6, they will, in all likelihood, have reached or come incredibly close to that once unbelievable goal.  The two groups, founded by Republican political operative Karl Rove and others in 2010, have already spent $271 million, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and press releases.
 Formidable, right?  So what went wrong?  Why was the "Architect" of GW Bush's presidency unable to deliver a Romney victory to the billionaires who donated to his PAC?  Watch this video as a fast-talking Rove gives 19 reasons, and blames the election loss on everyone and everything but himself.

There are many reasons Romney didn't win the presidency, and Rove comes close to identifying a couple of them in the video.  But it's all in hindsight.  He didn't foresee those factors as a problem pre-election.  And quite frankly, everyone bought his bs, including himself, because he had a track record for delivering a presidency.  When it didn't happen, no-one was more in denial than the Turdblossom (GWB's pet name for Rove) himself.  You had to love his response to Megyn Kelley on Fox News when she tells him Obama won.  "Won what?!" 

Karl's efforts were a bust:
Of the 31 races in which the groups aired ads, the Republican won only nine. And, since the groups spent $137 million on the presidential race, less than 5.7 percent of their total spending went toward helping winning candidates, according to a POLITICO analysis.

Karl will continue to struggle, although there will be some pretense that he remains in good favor with his billionaire donors, and that his sterling reputation for buying . . . er, winning elections is intact.  But the truth is, Karl is speeding down a slippery slope of obsolescence and irrelevance.  I predict he'll pass Sarah Palin in both of their races to the bottom.

You see the problem with Karl is that he doesn't really BELIEVE in anything.  For him, elections are all about the game:  winning and losing.  His lack of ideology insulates him from the emotional side of a campaign and allows him to devote all his oversized brain power to scheming and trickery and winning at any cost.  Turns out Rove has spent all his tricks.  He was a one-trick pony after all, and he spent that trick on Bush.  He has no new ideas, nothing to offer, and nothing to show for the big, big bucks that he garnered.  The people who donated millions to his PACs are successful business people who expect and get good returns on their investments.

Rove failed to deliver.  He won't get that chance again.


rmwarnick said...

MSNBC's Chuck Todd did a post-election interview with a guy from Crossroads (not Rove). Turns out they decided from the start not to do a "ground game" and just run ads. There is only so much air time for sale in the swing states that decide a national election, and the campaigns get cheaper rates than PACs.

Bekkieann said...

I had read that, too. And you're right. I think one of the billionaire donors remarked on that, too, saying an ad is just a few seconds in time--not a good use of money.

Organizing a ground game isn't easy. Obama had good, and techically-skilled people running every aspect of his campaign. I imagine the next time around, the Republicans will be a lot smarter. I read where Romney's Project ORCA (poll monitoring, I think) was a huge failure. Just another example to learn from.