Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cayenne Pepper Repels Skunks

Deviating from political posting, I return to the saga of the visiting skunk, originally discussed on Feb 12. The guy left for a few days and then returned on Saturday. Sunday, I tried a natural repellent I'd read about--cayenne pepper--which I dusted liberally around the new burrow. We tossed some rat poison pellets down the burrow as well, cautious to make sure they were out of reach of any wandering pets. Well, I can say the pepper worked, but the side effect is still with us. One very mad skunk emerged from the burrow and proceeded to spray the house all around the area of my basement laundry room window. I've never smelled anything so awful in my entire life. The poor little guy gave up and left. I saw his departing trail in the snow heading down the hill toward a wooded area.

I fear the pepper was not a humane thing to do--even to a skunk. But I was left with a big odor problem, and still here on Tuesday, having aired the house, sprayed neutralizing vinegar on drapes and carpets, chlorine bleach on the outside of the house where it was sprayed, and now just burning candles and hoping to mask the problem. It's fading but still with us.

Yes, cayenne pepper is a good way to keep pests away from your house, gardens, etc., but beware if a one of the pests you repel has a weapon of his own.


Douglas said...

Skunks are a gift from the "Prankster Designer", first cousin of the "Intelligent Designer".

A Popular Science article a few years ago had a mixture that would help de-skunkify a dog. Might help if sprayed around house where skunk was aiming.

The skunk stink is a "thiol" whatever that is. Oxygen apparently sort of disables it.

IN a bucket (not a bottle)

1 quart 3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 Cup Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon liquid soap.

That followed by a water rinse is supposed to help. But don't bottle it. Author said it would explode.

Even from red state SD, Oren Lee Hatch
seems more than passing strange.

Good luck with Skunk stink. It really is dreadful.

bekkieann said...

Thanks for your comments and the good advice here. I'm keeping a sense of humor about the skunk. Though he really seems to be gone now. I'm cautiously optimistic.